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Luzhou Printing Co.,Ltd was established in 1991. The company is approved as an appointed enterprise for printing and making trademark and logo by Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce and a registered enterprise in producing package materials for medicine by State Food and Drug Administration. Now the

company has 10 pieces of 8-color and 12-color rotogravure printing production lines, and advanced production equipments of offset printing, silk-screen printing, paper formation. The company has set up 100,000 grade clean-room.
The company is the large-scale printing enterprise integrated with format design, plate making, rotogravure printing, offset printing, silk-screen printing. The company is mainly engaged in plastic, paper printing. and speciality in the filed of packaging for food and medicine, colorful boxes and paper boxes for all kinds of products.

Tel: 86-539-2320351                                   Fax: 86-539-2569677 
Email: [email protected]                             Zip code: 276400
Address: No.18 Luzhou Road, Yishui, Shandong Province, PRC  
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